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Working with me as your finance coach is more than advice about your portfolio or retirement plan. Coaching is meant to dig deep, break emotional ties to money, open the lines of communication between spouses and create new money habits. I will guide you to financial success, as long as, you're willing to go!




I highly recommend Jen’s services to have a listening ear and get advice on where you want to be on your financial path.
— The C. Family

Family Finance Coaching

Family Finance Coaching

If you are struggling financially and need help, knowledge, and accountability to make better financial choices coaching is a great option~

Financial Goal Setting

Financial Goal Setting

Do you think you should be further along than you currently are financially? Do you have a working budget but need advice and accountability? 


Jen was WONDERFUL to work with! She gave a fresh set of eyes to our budget and helped us to make plans for how we can best leverage our tax refund to meet our financial goals. HIGHLY recommend using Family and Finance Success!
— The H. Family

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Budget Evaluation & Tax Plan

Offered January-July. A comprehensive budget evaluation and plan for your tax refund. If you are unsure of the BEST way to use your tax refund this evaluation will help. 

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Budget Evaluation

Do you ever wish you could have an extra set of eyes on your budget to make sure your family was using their money to fullest. A budget evaluation is just that!


Start-up & Small Business Consulting

Coming SOON!

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Recently, I made some extra ‘mad money’ that I’d already earmarked for a piece of vintage furniture I had my eye on. However, I had also racked up a little more than $230 in miscellaneous credit card charges, most of which were gas and convenience store food. I felt a tug of conviction that I needed to pay that bill out of my extra paycheck instead of just having my husband write a check. So, I took out my tithe first, then went to the post office to put that check in the mail as soon as possible. (I’d also felt a strong conviction that I really needed to check my mailbox before heading out on errands.)
Miraculously, there was a prepaid gift card for a $200 rebate we were due for a major car repair. It was six weeks earlier than we were expecting.
I have struggled with impulse buys and saddling my husband with surprise credit card bills. This was a wake up call, because I realized what a sacrifice it was to pay those extra charges out of my (lesser) income. I have not used that credit card since. It was a neat affirmation, too, about being obedient to that “still, small voice.”
That’s my recent financial victory. Thanks, Jen, for setting a good example and providing sound tips!!
— Faithful Follower