"You don't have to have it all together to manage your money or family wisely."
Jen Ward

Hi there, I hope that opening quote told you a few things about me, but if not, I will help you read between the lines.

First things first, Welcome to Family and Finance Success!
 I am Jen Ward, the creator, "money therapist", and listening ear behind Family and Finance Success.
Thank you for helping me live out a dream of mine I have had for years and I can't wait to help you succeed toward your goals too.

My Mission is to help you learn and grow in the art of family and finance to achieve your financial goals.
 While finances are serious; conquering them can be fun. Here you will find a focused but practical approach to managing your money and family.

Family and Finance Success has 3 Main Avenues to help you learn, grow and be inspired to accomplish these goals:

Educational Articles and Resources
Family Money Management Coaching
Get a L.I.F.E. Tribe

Where should you start?  

If you are new to this site and just getting to know me and your money style I would personally recommend you to browse the blog. There you will find educational articles and resources dealing with family and finance. You will also get a feel for how I handle managing money. If you think we might hit it off I would encourage you to to set up a Family Money Management consultation. From there we will determine where you and your family are in the realm of financial planning. My hope for everyone is to help you succeed with money and grow wealth.

If you are currently working through this process don't do it alone! You need support, accountability and inspiration. That is what Get a L.I.F.E. Tribe is for. These are your people! This community is specifically built for women to feel safe in sharing family and finance struggles, success, and questions! 

Now, back to that quote!

I bet you thought I forget about that, didn't you? Absolutely not! That quote really does represent me as a whole.

Let's take a minute and clear the air. Life, money, and family is messy! You know it, I know, we all know it. I do not believe in perfection or even acting like we all have it all together. One of the best things about life is learning and striving for progress.

That is what my whole life has been really, striving for progress and learning from the mistakes I have made and watching others.

Professionally, I have 1.5 Degrees. The first degree I hold is an A.A.S in Early Childhood Education and the second is a B.S in Accounting (this is the .5 I will officially graduate in February 2017). I also have a combined 7 years of Managerial experience from 2 fabulous employers. I also have dozens of local families create working budgets that allows them to resolve debt, build credit and take control of their money.

My next in devour, once I graduate with my Accounting Degree, will be to complete the program to become a Certified Financial Coach. See always learning!

OHH...You wanted personal? Okay.
Here you go...

I was married in the winter of 2010 to a man that knows all about my striving for progress! Marriage has been one of the areas that I have had to grow in a lot. We have been together for 15 years. I love this man and his logical, rational brain. 

Together we have two wild and wonderful boys! I am a boy mama at heart and love every dirty, exhausting minute of it!

I can't forget my fur babies, we have a 10-year-old cat and a guess his age husky-shepherd mix. Both are rescues and both are the best pets ever!

My journey to creating Family and Finance Success has been one of ups and downs and twists and turns. In 2011 I started The Nifty Thrifty Lady. My hearts desire for this was to help everyone live a fun, frugal, and balanced life. 

In 2014 I felt a shift in my abilities and desires. I was no longer just a deal and coupon site. I had valuable services and knowledge that people needed beyond the best deals at the moment. I started working with local non-profits and couples helping them take control of their money. It felt amazing.

For 3 years I struggled to really understand what I wanted to do.. Then in 2016 I was talking to a business coach during a confidence session I had won. (I love free! If she could have literally shock me she probably would have. 

I didn't need a confidence boost or direction for my ultimate goal I just needed to act on it. 

Maybe that is you today. Maybe you know you need to step up your game to become debt free or start a plan to build a savings account. Maybe you want to make it possible to stay home on a single income. If so consider reading this your destiny. 

Well you made it this far, I am impressed!

 You have three paths to choose my friend. Whichever one it is I will see you on the other side!