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Coupon Class Emmitsburg Maryland
Seton Center, Emmitsburg Md
Coupon Class Hagerstown MD

Money and Budgeting classes Maryland, Pennsylvania, West Virginia

Simple Budgeting:
Budgeting has a very bad reputation with millions of people. In fact, only 32% of Americans have a written budget and less, 30%, have a long-term plan for their money in the future. This helps explains why 69% of Americans have less than $1000.00 in a savings account. I created this simple Budgeting class to present specifically to groups that are interested how to get started with budgeting in a simplified manner.

  • Why create a budget
  • Overcome fears of budgeting by using two words
  • What to do first
  • How to prepare a zero balanced budget
  • How to stay on track

Financial Strengths and Weaknesses:
Assessing your personal financial strength and weaknesses can be intimidating and scary. This class is designed to help each person take a close look at what areas of finances they do well at and what area they could improve upon.

  • Financial Strengths and Weakness Assessment
  • Ways to improve in each area
  • A close look at money mindset

Meal Planning:
The average family of four in America spends anywhere from $564.00-$1156.00 a month on groceries. This many not be shocking to you. But on average that same family of four wastes 25% of that food a month totaling anywhere from $1365.00 - $2275.00 per year. So basically you take 2 months of food and drop it off at the landfill before it ever gets home. Meal planning is a great way to combat food waste but also it help cut costs and improve your family's eating habits.

  • Why Prepare a Meal Plan
  • Food Inventories
  • Family Staples
  • How to Approach Weekly and Monthly Planning
  • Stocking a Pantry
  • Meal Planning Inspirations

Clip and Save:
A coupon class designed to teach how to get the most out of couponing without spending a lot of time or money.

One Hour:
  • We will cover the foundations of couponing
  • How to create a stockpile of essential and usable items
  • How to create a grocery list that sets you up to save 50% on your grocery expenses
  • Basic Coupon Strategies
Two Hour:
  • All of one-hour information
  • Store loyalty programs
  • Creating match-ups

Personal Finance Speaker Maryland, West Virginia, Pennsylvania

Speaking Opportunites 
Jen loves to speak at:

  • Women's Group
  • Mom's Group
  • Church Groups
  • Local Businesses
  • Non-Profit Organizations
Topics can be personalized to suit the audience needs and groups budget. 

Retreat and Workshops: Single or Multi-Day Events. (Jen prefers to be home on Sundays to attend her home church.)

To discuss and schedule a Jen for a speaking engagement please contact her today!