8 Cheap Financial Goals ANYONE Can Set

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Setting financial goals should not be a big scary ordeal. Most people shy away from setting money goals because they assume it takes money to set these goals and they just don't have it. The truth is you can set PLENTY of financial goals without spending $1. How? That is what we are going to cover today: 8 Cheap financial Goals anyone can set and achieve. Let's go!

Goal One: Track your expenses
Goal Three: Start using cash envelopes
Goal Four: Schedule a sit down with your spouse
Goal Five: Read a finance book
Goal Six: Save $1000.00
Goal Seven: Learn about investing
Goal Eight: Hire a finance Coach

To Learn more about why each of these goals can help you in your financial journey watch this quick video! 

I bet you didn't think money goals could be so easy, did you? Remember, lack of funds is not an excuse for lack of money goals.

Tell me one of your goals for this year in the comments!

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