Creating a Home of Order {Part Two}

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A note from Jen:
Have you been wondering why you set routines and systems up in your house and they never work? Do you long to have your day flow without too many distractions, meltdowns, and forgotten appointments?  Do you want to have a closer relationship and open communication with your family? Let’s be honest we all do! I know I did and still want to improve in this area. That is why I am very happy that I was prompted to write and record this mini-series “Creating a home of Order.”

Last month we talked about the very step you need to take in creating a home of order. If you don’t remember it was to Get Spouses on the Same Page. We talked about how to get to this point if you were not and why this has to be the first step. Watch the video here if you have not BEFORE starting this month's step.


The second part of this journey is to nurture your relationship with your spouse often and consistent.

During this month's video, I share ways to do this on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis.
For those who can’t watch the video just yet here’s the breakdown:

  • Check-ins: 5-10 Minutes can be a text, phone or in person
My husband and I use this devotional daily to spur conversation:

  • Sit-downs: 30+ Minutes devoted just to your spouse touch on upcoming events, finances, bring to the table any baggage you have been sweeping under the rug, and encourage each other ( NO DISTRACTIONS)

  • Date Night: This does not have to be elaborate. We don’t always have a sitter or the funds so we send the kids to bed early, order takeout and watch a movie. The idea is stopping your normal life and making time for each other. Taking the time to connect.

  • Coordinate your goals: It may seem silly to think your goals are not coordinated but when you do this I bet you will be surprised! My husband and I were honestly working towards completely different goals for years. None of them were wrong but with our powers combined (there has to be one person who got this reference!) we were able to meet those goals faster AND celebrate together.
  • 48 Hour Trip: This is simple plan 48 hours to get out town ALONE! 
A fun resource I found recently was a reflections Worksheet from Inkwell Press Planner  I know this is an odd resource local I know but my husband and I did this and it was fun and helpful!

Getting on the same page with your spouse and nurturing this relationship sets up the foundation you need to model order for your home. This process will never stop and it will never be perfect. However, it is the most important.

Next month we will talk about getting kids on board with creating order. Yeah, hold onto your hats!

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