Take the No New Debt Pledge

Are you declaring 2017 the year you break free from your financial chains? The first place to start is by saying no to creating new debt! I know it seems simple but in reality when you have depended on swiping a credit card with no care to the wind taking this commitment can be hard to stick to. Take the #nonewdebt17 pledge and join a community dedicated to stop creating debt and start building financial security.

#nonewdebt17 pledge

 Here's the story of why I am creating and TAKING the #nonewdebt17 pledge, it may surprise you.

As a couple, my husband and I have prided ourselves on not having a large Credit Card balance. We never really believed in using credit to purchase things we either saved up or did without. Our first credit card was in 2009 to purchase a computer for my husband so he could finish his engineering degree. We learned quickly that a high-interest credit card with a small balance was just as hard to pay off as a low balance card! In full transparency, we are still paying that credit card off today because we ended up using it again to purchase a new desktop in 2012. That's were credit cards get you and even the best of us are weak to this temptation.

Our 2nd credit card came around 2013. A year into me being off work. We were paying on medical bills from the birth of our second son which was unexpected and the winter was ROUGH. At that time we had oil heat and the minimum purchase was 100 gallons which were close to $500.00 at that time. We had planned for one fill up and maybe an additional 100 or so gallons. We ended up filling up 3 times that winter. So we made the decision to apply for a low-interest credit card and keep it for emergencies since we had used most of our emergency fund for medical bills.

This is all a learning process, folks! I remember applying for that credit card and my hands were trembling from the anxiety I felt about our decision for me to stay home and the idea that we needed to borrow money.

Over the past 4 years our credit balances have climbed and while by the standards they are not high we are tired of paying money for things we should have paid off over 6 years ago and are tired of being tempted to use them when the event comes up that we could.

SO we are making a commitment to each other and taking a pledge for 2017 to create NO NEW DEBT.

This is the first step towards becoming debt free! I always hear people say you have to start paying off debt to become debt free. WRONG.

You have to make the commitment to stop using your credit cards and creating debt!
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That is why I am creating and personally taking the #nonewdebt17 pledge. I want to be debt free and I want to encourage you to take the first step in your journey!
no new debt pledge form

You can download your pledge form here, sign it and share on social media with hashtag #nonewdebt17! I think having the visual will help us all remember we are on a journey with a great reward at the end of having financial freedom!

I will be sharing my personal journey this entire year the 2nd Thursday of the month here at F&F Success! But I also want to hear your stories and successes!

Oh and if you are reading this at any point please take the pledge. There is no time better to start than today!

I want to hear what the hardest part of this pledge is going to be for you and your family.

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The first step to creating financial freedom is to make a commitment to stop using credit cards and creating debt. Take the #NONEWDEBT pledge with me as we embark on this journey together!


  1. The hardest part of this pledge will be the unexpected big expenses that pop up. I hate to touch our savings account for those things because I feel like that's money that is harder to recover.

    1. I used to feel this exact same way! I felt so attached to our savings money, that I would rather accrue interest on a credit card then see the money disappear. This habit took me awhile to break honestly! One thing that helped me was having multiple savings or sink funds. I am going to be talking about this on the next Monday money pulse!

  2. YES! I am all about taking this pledge! As I am starting up a new business and living off of savings while it builds, it is really tough to know when to invest in my business or when to stop spending more than I'm making, but I am all about living debt-free. My parents are incredible examples in that area and have taught me a lot about living on little, so I think I can make this happen.

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