Manage your Home and Money Wisely with Family and Finance Success

Hello, and Welcome to Family and Finance Success! My heart and excitement for what the future holds for this Business and Community are abounding and I cannot thank you enough for stopping by today and showing your support.

How to Manage your Home and Money Wisely with Family and Finance Success as your resource and guide

I am Jen Ward, you may be a loyal community member and reader from The Nifty Thrifty Lady as this is where I started my journey helping others in the financial world. As most things tend to do, I evolved, my passions outgrew TNTL, and I decided the best thing to do was to retire The Nifty Thrifty Lady and start fresh with my new vision.  After roughly 6 months of planning and grueling decisions to embark on this new adventure, I make the leap of faith to start Family and Finance Success.
You can read more about me, my background, and the process of creating F&F Success here.

Family and Finance Success is very different from TNTL, but, the one thing that has not changed is my heart and desire to serve you!

What to Expect from F&F Success:

Video Content:
Every Monday at 7:00 am Eastern you will find a new video on my Youtube Channel. You can subscribe to these videos here and get email notification when a new video goes live by hitting the bell to the right of the subscribe button.
  • There will be an accompanying blog post here on the blog each Thursday as well. This will be a quick summary of the video and link to any resources I mention.

Blog Content:
Every Thursday at 7:00 am Eastern you will find a new blog post on one of these monthly recurring topics:

  • Budgeting
  • Money Management
  • Savings
  • Family Life
  • Food and Meal planning

The Weekly Wrap:
The Weekly Wrap will be my brand new FB live Show. Every Saturday Morning at 9:00 am (this is flexible depending on the season) I will bring you a 5-minute quick fire session of trending topics in family and finance, a recap of what happened that week at F&F Success and my favorite tip and deal for the week! This is going to be a great new feature that I am thrilled about! I am sure the first couple of Weekly Wraps are going to be a learning experience for me so if you like to laugh this may be a great opportunity!  You can hop over to the Family and Finance Success Facebook page to follow and stay connected for these live events!

 The Family & Finance Pulse:
One thing I have realized in this digital age is that there is no way to see, hear, or stay on top of everything, every day. I mean it takes all we have to manage work, family, and free time right?! In my efforts and understanding of the busy schedules we all have, I created The Family and Finance Pulse. This is a monthly bulletin that keeps you connected to F&F Success without you having to track down the information. I personally am a fan of people organizing lists for me and that is basically what The F&F Pulse will be along with a very encouraging message from me monthly and special content not seen anywhere! Sign up here if this sounds like what you need in your life now!

Monthly Challenges:
I started two very popular monthly challenges at TNTL:

  • The Fresh Start (Now will be called Fresh Success)
  • The Eat-in February Challenge

Those two challenges will be making a reappearance on F&F Success each year!

Financial Services:
This is one of the bigger differences that Family and Finance Success will be offering. I have worked with several dozen families over the past few years helping them improve and take back their financial security.  I am officially offering these same services to anyone that is willing to make the commitment and work with me in this area. You can learn more about these services or take the plunge and book your session today here!

Quarterly in-person Events:
One of my goals for TNTL was to stay in the community as much as possible so I could connect and see the best way to meet the needs of my clients. I have decided to do this in part by quarterly in-person events. These events will be a variety of fun things from girls night out to more formal classes.  You can see a list of all my events and classes here!

Get a L.I.F.E.:
This Facebook Group is doing great things helping women to learn, grow, and connect with each other in the art of family and finance.  I am dedicated to continuing this group as a close-knit extension for F& F Success! If you would like to join you can learn more here!

Social Media:
Guys, my social media presence is everywhere but my very favorite way to connect with you is either Facebook or Instagram! I commit to always getting back to you on these platforms, as well as, the comment section of my Youtube channel and Website!  With that being said you can expect to see “Office Hours” from me. Generally, I will be available Monday thru Friday 9 am- 3 pm and checking in once in the evening and weekends. As I move towards a full-time WAHM I feel the need to set boundaries and this is one.

There are so much more great things to come for Family and Finance Success in 2017 and beyond. If you are a loyal reader of TNTL I hope this transition finds you with ease and excitement. If you are a new member of F&F Success I welcome you and hope you are looking forward to building a lasting relationship!

Please let me know what you are most looking forward to as Family & Finance Success takes off!

Manage your home and money wisely with Family and Finance Success

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