Simple Valentine's Day Brownie and Craft

Valentine's Day is not a major holiday in the Ward household. That being said I do like to do 2 simple Valentine's Day treats and a small craft with the boys. Today I wanted to share with you a simple Valentine's Day Frosted Brownie Heart with Homemade Cholocate Frosting and a sweet heart print we did a few years back. 

Simple Valentine's Day Food


4 Ways to use your Tax Returns Wisely

It's that time of the year we are all feeling a little rich... it's time to get back a Tax Return and spend it wisely!

Ways to make the best use of your tax return


Benefits of Creating a Zero Balanced Budget

On this edition of the Monday Money Pulse, we are learning how to create a zero balanced budget and the benefits of doing so. 

How to create a budget for a family


Take the No New Debt Pledge

Are you declaring 2017 the year you break free from your financial chains? The first place to start is by saying no to creating new debt! I know it seems simple but in reality when you have depended on swiping a credit card with no care to the wind taking this commitment can be hard to stick to. Take the #nonewdebt17 pledge and join a community dedicated to stop creating debt and start building financail security.

#nonewdebt17 pledge


5 Actions to Take Before you Start a Budget

On this edition of Monday Money Pulse I am sharing 5 actions to take before you start creating your budget. These tasks will help give you the foundation for a great budget and help you stay motivated on your financial journey!

A Video Series dedicated to getting your finances and money in order.